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The Antiquarian Lenormand is back and newly updated.

This 2022 Lenormand deck release now includes 10 significator options, 8 instruction cards, and a bonus card, all tucked into a black tin!

More details below.

Antiquarian Lenormand

  • Words by Maree Bento the creator of Antiquarian

    Antiquarian Lenormand: Resurrected Returns

    This European divination deck, called Lenormand, features my handmade mixed-media collages that I created in 2012 for personal use. I used antique photos, Victorian-style wallpaper, and illustrations from antiquarian books, hence the name Antiquarian Lenormand. This Lenormand deck is for the card reader who, like me, enjoys 19th century aesthetics.

    With this Lenormand, every attempt possible was made to locate the finest images to allow for clear, traditional and directional Lenormand readings, for use in the Lenormand Method. Included are extra cards for more of a modern twist on the traditional method.

    ○ 54 cards total:
    ○ 36 traditional Lenormand cards,
    ○ 8 extra significator cards,
    ○ 1 bonus card — 0. The Eye,
    ○ 8 instruction cards, and
     1 title card
    ○ Borderless
    ○ Bridge size: 2.25'' × 3.5'' (57mm × 89mm)
    ○ Black core linen card stock (310gsm)
    ○ Comes in a matte black tin box with label
    ○ Comes with a 9-page PDF download link, which is emailed post purchase.

    ​This deck was my very first deck creation and it continues to be a working deck for me 9 years later! 

    What is Lenormand?

    Lenormand is a cartomancy method that has been used in Europe since the early 19th century for fortune telling, as well as gaming.

    It recently started receiving attention by US cartomancers in the early part of the 21st century because of the increase of social interaction online and tarot conventions offering classes about Lenormand cards.

    Lenormand has its own method that is different from reading oracle and tarot cards. I introduce how to use this method in my 9-page PDF download. It will be emailed to you via the tracking email once the deck ships. (Please contact me post-purchase if you didn't receive the link.)

    Lenormand is known for its practical, direct, and quite literal approach compared to tarot, which is more archetypal and intuitive. Although, using one’s intuition does go into reading Lenormand cards, there is a small learning curve to understanding its distinct language before intuiting the cards.