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Have a question about V60 coffee and tea, wellness beauty or lifestyle homeware? Here are the most common ones. Please get in touch if you would like to know more.


  • What is V60 Coffee?
    Drip coffee. This term stands for coffee revolution, fresh and fragrant single origins of highest quality, delicious taste and slow coffee. Why V60? V stands for cone-shaped filers, whereas 60 represents the sloping angle of the dripper’s sides. Simple!
  • Can I visit the shop out of hours?
    Yes, if you would like to visit the shop to see the showroom of furniture and the timing isn't right, get in touch and the chances are that we can pop down and show you around.
  • Who is behind The Loft?
    It is myself Sonja Read who created The Loft and my partner Evan Schwarz. It started out as a furniture showroom for Evan and photography studio for myself. Somehow I couldn't let go of the vision of having a small cafe serving drip coffee and the the shop sprung up at the end of the process when I wanted to get a few bits in that you cannot get elsewhere on the Island.
  • How can I book in for a tarot reading?
    Our tarot reader Brigette comes to The Loft for readings. She is very popular and it is best to book in to avoid disappointment. Send me a text on 027 321 2213 to check her availability.
  • Can I buy V60 coffee and tea to take out?
    We encourage you to slow down and enjoy the experience at The Loft as part of a daily ritual but sure if you are in a rush and can't afford the time to stop bring in a reuseable take out cup and we can fill it to go. We also have some take away cups.
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