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Zine is printed in Victoria, BC.


Features black linework on matte white cardstock, staple bound.


Measures 4” x 6”.


Comes in protective plastic sleeve.

Card Spread Zine (20 Spreads)

SKU: 0013
  • This zine contains 20 card spreads ranging from simple single card draws to a full Celtic Cross. These spreads are here to help you learn how to read with your Tarot cards. Some people find reading the Tarot to be fairly intuitive and can decode the messages with ease, but others need a bit more guideance and that is ok! There is no right or wrong way to do Tarot.


    This zine is good for beginners and advanced readers alike and aims to inspire you to explore your cards and form a deeper connection with them. If you are new to reading the Tarot start with page one and work your way up to the more complex spreads if desired. Or stick with the more straightforward ones, there are no rules!


    Created by Taylor Haigh, Gabriola BC, 2021